Committee details

Service Delivery Committee

Purpose of committee




Responsible for the delivery and performance of services.


i.        Oversees the development and performance of services within the overarching strategic direction set by Policy, Finance and Development Committee

ii.       Responsible for all financial issues relating to its services within the budgets set by Policy Finance and Development Committee

iii.      To be responsible for the day to day operation of all services (except those that are the responsibility of the Policy Finance and Development Committee)

iv.      To be responsible for all aspects of the Greening of the Borough initiative at a strategic and operational level

v.       To be responsible for and listening and acting on the views of the Greening of the Borough Working Group, the Waste Task Group, the Health and Well-Being Board.

vi.      To be responsible for all the policies relating to the above services  

vii.     To be responsible for annual budget plans for recommendation to the Policy, Finance and Development Committee

viii.    To report direct to Council

ix.      To be responsible for the operation of Council buildings, Car Parks, Cemeteries, Parks and Open Spaces

x.       Naming Streets

xi.      Develop the Housing Business Plan in accordance with the strategic direction

xii.     To be responsible for emergency planning.

xiii.    To fulfil the Council’s need for a “Contractor” role if the Council was to bid for itself.




1.       Approve grants for renovation etc., in accordance with policy (in consultation with Chair);

2.       Deal with Right to Buy operational matters;

3.       Provide assistance for protection of private tenants;

4.       Be responsible for the control, management and letting of Council housing stock;

5.       Allocate tenancies of Council properties;

6.       Give consent to structural alterations of Council properties; 

7.       Approve mutual exchange of tenancies;

8.       Authorise transfers to spouse/succession in death;

9.       Authorise departures from Housing Allocation policy ( consultation with the chair of service delivery). Departures to be reported on a monthly basis through the Monthly Bulletin;

10.     Authorise repairs and redecoration of dwellings upon termination of tenancy, or in other circumstances where prescribed limits of expenditure are exceeded, but where special considerations warrant such action;

11.     Give consent for installation of TV aerials, phones, emersion heaters etc;

12.     Determine homeless persons' applications (including refusals);

13.     Authorise evictions;

14.     Collect rent and rent arrears, and former tenants' arrears and take appropriate action for arrears including former tenants arrears;

15.     Serve Notice to Quit & Notices seeking Possession;

15.     Instruct Bailiffs;

16.     Administer all Council environmental initiatives;

17.     Be responsible for the provision of environmental education and raising environmental awareness;

18.     Delegation to Officers common to all Committees;

19.     Approve annual schedule of highway verge tree planting;

20.     Issue property numbers and names;

21.     Make arrangements for provision of musical entertainment by the Council within the Borough;

22.     Agree provision of litter bins;

23.     Authorise structural maintenance, signing and decoration (not cleaning) of public conveniences and bus shelters;

24.     Administer the letting of allotments and collection of allotment income

25.     Issue Deeds of Grant of burial rights;

26.     Give approval for monuments, memorials, inscriptions, dispersal of ashes, and made arrangements for internments;

27.     Give approval for schemes to plant donated trees etc., in cemeteries and burial grounds to generate sponsorships;

28.     Draw up and propose to the Committee specifications, select lists, timetables and evaluation procedures for contracts delegated to Committee by Council or contracts within the remit of the Committee subject to the budget framework; and

29.     Administer Tree Wardens Scheme.




The Director of Services and the Head of Community may sign off renovation grants or a person delegated by them.


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