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Full Council

This page lists the meetings for Full Council.


Information about Full Council




Full Council will have the following roles or may delegate the exercise of any of its functions as far as is legally permissible to Committees, Sub-Committees or Officers.


i.          All functions reserved to the Council by statute, subordinate legislation or Council procedure rules;

ii.         Adopting the new constitution and any subsequent changes to it;

iii.        Adopting the local authority’s code of conduct;

iv.        Agreeing the local authority’s policy framework and budget and any application to the Secretary of State in respect of any housing land transfer;

v.         To determine the Council’s priorities;

vi.        To receive reports on the overarching strategic issues and activities of the Leader of the Council which will include the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP), Leicestershire Together (LT) the Local Area Agreement (LAA) the Multi Area Agreement (MAA) and the Economic Development Company (EDC);

vii.       Agreeing and/or amending the terms of reference for committees, deciding on their composition and making appointments to them;

viii.      Election of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Leader of the Council and Deputies, Chairs and Vice-Chairs;

xi.        To adopt the schedule of meetings for the ensuing year;

x.         Appointing representatives to outside bodies unless the appointment has been delegated by Council;

xi.        To consider the recommendations of the Remuneration Panel and adopt the level of allowances that can be claimed by Members of the Council in respect of authorised or approved duties;

xii.       To make any decisions which would be contrary to the Policy Framework;

xiii.      To determine matters which do not fall within the remit of any committee;

xiv.      To set the Council tax;

xv.       To be responsible for elections;

xvi.      To enter into joint arrangements in respect of joint committees or agency arrangements with other authorities so far as these have not been delegated

xvii.     To make decisions concerning district boundaries, electoral divisions, wards or polling districts;

xviii.    To receive statutory reports from the Head of Paid Service, the Chief Finance Officer or the Monitoring Officer ;

xix.      Confirming the appointment of the Head of Paid Service;

xx.       Changing the name of the area, conferring the title of Honorary Alderman or Freedom of the Borough;

xxi.      Making, amending, revoking, re-acting or adopting Bye Laws and promoting or opposing the making of local legislation or personal bills;

xxii.     Commissioning and receiving of reports from the Council’s Policy and Overview an Scrutiny Committees;

xxiii.    Resolution of recommendations from the Council’s Policy. Place Shaping and Overview and Scrutiny  Committees;

xxiv.    To consider appropriate motions in accordance with Council procedure rules;

xxv.     Approving minutes of committees, forums and groups en bloc; and

xxvi.    The following Working Groups and Partnerships report directly to Council:-


            Community Safety Partnership

            Armed Forces Working Group

            Constitutional Task Group

            Supporting Leicestershire Families