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Community Safety Partnership
Monday, 31st July, 2017 2.00 pm

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Apologies for Absence


C Woodward (Leicestershire Police), R Lobel (Supporting Leicestershire Families), V Quintyne (OWBC)


The Chair wishes to note that no further apologies were received, and that the lack of attendance at this meeting was disappointing.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 12 June 2017 pdf icon PDF 83 KB




The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 be taken as read and confirmed.


Financial Position - Mark Smith


MS reports that there is no change in the figures relating to the Partnership’s budget from the previous meeting, but notes that the OPCC have approved the Partnership’s Delivery Plans for 2017/18. This means that the monies allocated to the Partnership via the OPCC are now available to be drawn down for use. At present MS is awaiting a purchase order number from the OPCC in order to raise the relevant invoice for the monies.


MC presented the Partnership with a number of bids, from his Officers, for funding via the monies allocated to Leicestershire Police in the 2017/18 Delivery Plans. These are detailed below and are to be approved at the next meeting;


Bluelight’ Partnership:


Under the ‘Bluelight’ Partnership, Officers would like to purchase security items (including fire alarms) that can be fitted ‘on the day’ totalling £2,380.00 in expenditure. The scheme is currently allocated £3,000.00 in the 2017/18 Delivery Plans, and would include training for volunteers within the Community.


MC notes that under the sister scheme run on the ‘city side’ of the Neighbourhood Policing Area (NPA), the attendance of an ambulance to ‘Bluelight’ events is funded by their own Community Safety Partnership. MC enquired as to whether the same could take place in the Borough which was agreed by those present.


Purchase of a Defibrillator:


A replacement defibrillator for the one currently allocated to PCSO Preston, which is nearing the end of its effective lifetime, has been requested. The Police are unable to fund this item as it would effectively by a resource for the Borough only given the area of the NPA patrolled by PCSO Preston.


Should the defibrillator be purchased a caveat will be added whereby PCSO Preston would be required to provide training in defibrillator use for OWBC staff and volunteers, upping the number of individuals trained in the use of defibrillators (of which several are permanently located in the town centres) present in the Borough. The Chair notes that a number of trained ‘First Responders’ already exist within the Borough.


*ACTIONS*:MC was asked to fully scope the details of the request which has been deferred        until the next meeting of the Partnership. KL will contact the existing ‘First Responders’ regarding the offer of training. MS was asked to prepare an article for Letterbox regarding the use of the defibrillators currently located within the Borough.




A bid for £7,000.00 was received in order to purchase a drone for use with local policing. It is noted that a drone would have practical applications within the Borough such as assisting in missing person searches. Given the cost of a drone it was suggested that neighbouring Community Safety Partnerships may also contribute towards it should the bid be approved, with a view to it also being used as a resource to assist in their own NPAs.

*ACTIONS*:MC to circulate the drone bid to partners. MS to invite PCSO Preston to give a         drone demonstration to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.


Delivery Plans 2017/18 - Mark Smith, Insp. Mike Cawley pdf icon PDF 373 KB


MS presented the Partnership with a redesigned version of the 2017/18 Delivery Plans in a new format. Whilst the Delivery Plan’s content remains unchanged, the actions are now under new headers which more accurately reflect the responsibilities of the Partnership under its three year plan. It was agreed that this new format is more user friendly than the previous version, which was originally based on the PCC’s ‘five V’s’ approach.


*ACTIONS*: MS to present the Partnership’s three year plan at the next meeting.


OWBC Anti-Social Behaviour Response - Stephen Glazebrook


SG informed the Partnership that the need of specialist officers to deal with anti-social behaviour is accepted, but there is currently no available budget through which to employ one. The Chief Executive is supportive of the requirement, and investigations are taking place regarding the budget ahead of the next meeting.


*ACTIONS*:SG to provide an update at the next meeting.


PSPO's - Stephen Glazebrook


The current by-laws in the Borough covering dog fouling, and additional dog related restrictions, have now expired. The Council has opted to replace these with a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which will come in to force from 1 October 2017; the form this PSPO takes is currently out of public consultation. Under the PSPO the Council will have the power to issue fixed penalty notices to, or bring court action against, those who breach the order.


Under the PSPO legislation, the Chief of Police and the Office of the PCC should both be notified about any incoming PSPOs; this is non-applicable to any dog fouling related PSPO as the Police will not be enforcing it (but will make appropriate referrals), but both will be notified anyway.


There is a mid-September deadline for consultation comments to be made.


CCTV / City Watch - Insp. Mike Cawley


MC has undertaken additional work around the upgrade to the Borough’s CCTV system, including looking at the system used by Leicester City Council being extended into the NPA. Quotes have been received for a 4G enabled system, and a system without 4G; both quotes include 20 mounting brackets, 5 dummy cameras, and 5 live cameras, and come in at £40,900.00 and £30,000.00 respectively.


A confirmed budget of £20,000.00 is available for this scheme, although this may be £38,000.00 based on additional documents, with a further £11,500.00 possibly outstanding. It is possible that any shortfall in funding could be made up with a growth bid if required.


When a final upgrade decision is made, the cost of fitting brackets to identified lampposts also needs to be factored in to the final costs.


It has been clear for some time that the existing cameras are not used effectively, and that a multi-agency patch walk should take place in order to map out where any new cameras can be deployed to have the greatest impact. Any patch walk that takes place should also include the Council’s Town Centre Manager.


*ACTIONS*: SG to speak to Chris Raymakers in order to fully confirm the available budget for this scheme. SP to find the correct point of contact for County Council Highways     regarding the mounting of camera brackets.



JAG Update - Mark Smith


MS noted that the new JAG format is currently working well, and that the most recent JAG was the second meeting to utilise it to great effect.


*ACTIONS*:KL to attend next JAG meeting on Monday, 7 August 2017.



LCC Update - Sally Penney




SP informed the Partnership that training around the incremental approach, and case management, will begin to be delivered from September 2017. This will be delivered through 8, 3 hour sessions at County Hall which are able to be attended by frontline staff from across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The training also includes advice specifically on young people and closure orders. ‘Mop up’ courses will then be available every 6 months. SG has proposed that MS, Steve Nash, David Thorpe, and Faruk Bhayat attend this training, alongside members of OWBC Environmental Health.




The Sentinel V3 test site has now been launched, and set up for use by those users who have agreed to be testers. The main test day will be taking place on Thursday, 17 August 2017.


Hate Dashboard


Countywide, all CSPs are encouraged to access and utilise the data provided via the Hate Dashboard.


*ACTIONS*:SP to circulate the Hate Dashboard link to partners.




The ‘Going to Extremes’ performance will be starting new sessions in October.


Domestic Violence


UAVA have been reviewed through a 360 degree appraisal process, and an improvement plan shaped. The LLR Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse group are further promoting their services in Boroughs and Districts through new posters and stickers that can be placed around Council owned and operated buildings.




Updates from Probation are to be sought through countywide groups.



UAVA / KIDVA Update - Sujata Mahay


This item was deferred until the next meeting due to absence.


SLF Update - Rachel Lobel


This item was deferred until the next meeting due to apologies received.


Police Update - Insp. Mike Cawley


MC walked the Partnership through the revised crime data spreadsheet he presented. Crime across the Force is shown to be up by 13%, but this is in line with national trends. The increase may be linked to better reporting but is up for speculation. ASB is shown by the spreadsheet to be the most frequently raised issue in the Borough.


ASB satisfaction levels have dipped over time; this may be due to a change in how ASB call backs were handled. The handling of ASB call backs is improving however now a dedicated ASB SPOC is in place.


Any Other Business


*ACTIONS*:MC to request attendance from CityWatch at the next meeting.