Agenda and minutes

Community Safety Partnership
Monday, 12th June, 2017 1.30 pm

Venue: Wigston Police Station, Bull Head Street, Wigston, LE18 1WX

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Apologies for Absence


S Glazebrook (OWBC), W Gale (Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service), S Mahay (Women’s Aid Leicestershire Ltd), C Woodward (Leicestershire Police)


Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 24 April 2017




The Minutes of the Meeting held on 24 April 2017 be taken as read and confirmed.


Financial Position


MS informed the Partnership that £28,724.22 of the 2017/18 budget has been spent, or earmarked against Delivery Plan actions, to date. This expenditure includes;


§  £11,000.00 for Diversionary Activities, earmarked to the ‘Something to DO!’ project comprising of the following;

?   £6,000.00 to enable Leicester City Football Club to undertake the ‘KICKS Project’ in the Borough for 40 weeks, beginning early September 2017, and

?   £5,000.00 to continue the Football, Basketball, Dodgeball, and Boxing activities that formed the pilot scheme of the ‘Something to DO!’ project from June to September 2017,

§  £11,000.00 to fund the KIDVA service provided by Women’s Aid Leicestershire Ltd,

§  £5,224.22 as the Borough’s Sentinel contribution for 2017/18, and

§  £1,500.00 to date toward expenses relating to the upcoming ‘Big Lunch’ event on Sunday, 18 June 2017.


MS also noted that the Partnership has a reserve fund, inclusive of the contingency funding allocated within the 2017/18 Delivery Plan and carry forward from financial year 2015/16, of £4,408.55. This money is earmarked for overspend against current Delivery Plan actions, and for use against any new action brought to the Partnership with 2017/18.


MS asked for an additional £1,000.00 from the above reserve fund to be allocated to the Diversionary Activities budget allocation which is currently £10,000.50; this is in light of securing Leicester City Football Club as partners in respect of the KICKS Project. No objections were raised and the additional funding was granted.


VQ asked if there was any provision for disabled young people within the Borough for 2017/18. MS replied that all provision provided takes accessibility into account, but for information relating to specific activities for disabled young people it would be necessary to speak to Kane Radford, the Council’s Physical Activities Development Officer, to clarify as the Leisure Team provide additional activities outside of the diversionary activities within the Delivery Plan.


Delivery Plans 2017/18


Monitoring returns to the OPCC will, for 2017/18, now take place 6 monthly and not quarterly. MS is expecting the first return to be required by the OPCC on, or by, 29 September 2017.


MC Spoke about the Grow out Crime Sunflower competition project that has been ran through 24 local schools aiming to highlight Garden Crime, from last year’s funds.


MC also spoke about a Safeguarding project to run in September for Leicester University, whose students live within the Borough, around campus security. MC will get banners and leaflets with safeguarding messages costed and report back at the next meeting.


MC then spoke of £3,000.00 ‘Bluelight’ Project and asked if there was any scope that could be put towards training of the police cadets, first aid and defibrillator training, or the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. It was agreed that funding within the Bluelight Project’s action could be used for this purpose. VQ stated that she has a contact that can help with training of the defibrillator, and will pass on her name to MC.


CSP Three Year Plan


MS informed the Partnership that CW had brought to his attention the requirement of the Partnership to provide a Strategic Plan for 2017-2020, and that this is now overdue. It is apparent that emails regarding the Strategic Plan were still being sent to MS’ predecessor, and no action was taken whenever the emails bounced back to them.


MS is now drafting the Strategic Plan for 2017-2020 with the aid of plans from other Leicestershire Partnerships provided by CW. Once drafted MS will circulate the plan to partners for comments before its final submission. MF asked for the Strategic Plan to also be submitted to SP once complete.


VQ suggested that the Strategic Plan may also need to be submitted to an Equalities Assessment before it is formally adopted by the Partnership.


OWBC Anti-Social Behaviour Response


This agenda item was raised with regards to the Council seeking to employ an ASB Officer due to an identified gap in service. This now needs discussing outside the Partnership as it is an organisational issue for the Council, and a more localised matter. An update will be provided on this at the next meeting if there has been any progression.


JAG Update


MS informed the Partnership that a new JAG format was trailed at the previous week’s meeting; MC then went on to explain how the JAG has adopted the format used at the Blaby JAG, with a view to the Borough’s JAG and the ‘city side’ JAG (both of which fall under the South Leicester NPA) being consistent in their structure. MS and MC will both be revisiting the Blaby JAG to see if there are other items, such as High Risk Sentinel cases, Community Triggers, etc. that would be of a benefit to adopt, along with comparing membership at both JAGs.


VQ asked if the JAG deals with PREVENT. MC replied that IOM will now be attending on a regular basis, but the changing structure needs to be looked at. Domestic Violence is picked up by MARAC. KL added that PREVENT funding for the Borough has stopped as it is not a ‘high risk’ area; the Chair of the Safer Communities Strategy Board would like to see additional funding put into PREVENT however.


MS stated that due to foreknowledge of the PREVENT situation an allocation of funding was made to the PREVENT agenda for the Borough within the 2017/18 Deliver Plans. There is currently £4,647.00 allocated to PREVENT within the Borough which includes carry forward from 2016/17, and an allocation from 2017/18’s budget.


MS will be contacting Turning Point to remind them of their required attendance at both the JAG and CSP meetings.


LCC Update


SP updated the Partnership on changes at the Leicestershire Safer Communities Strategy Board where Ivan Ould has taken over as Chair from Joe Orson, who is now chairing the Police Crime Panel. Trevor Pendleton remains as Vice Chair.


Numerous training sessions on a variety of different Domestic Abuse subjects are being provided free of charge by UAVA, a schedule of which can be viewed at the following address:


The Partnership also heard from SP how a call handling script, for partners across Leicestershire, is being developed to ensure a consistent service in respect of ASB case management is received by members of the public. At present the service received varies dramatically across the County. The call handling script will need to be signed off at the Strategy Group before it is rolled out. MC expressed an interest in obtaining a copy of the script and was asked to contact Marian Hooper in order to do so.


ASB training is also being organised for all partners to ensure consistency in all aspects of ASB work across the County. This will be delivered in two parts; one for lower level ASB, and another for Police Legal Services, CBOs, Civil Injunctions, etc. All front line Policing staff, and officers from relevant Council sections will be invited to attend, and Jed Keen will ensure all front line officers can attend. This training will take place at Force HQ from the end of the summer.


The Celebrate Safely campaign for 2017/18 is being chaired by WG and plans are progressing well. Launch events are being set up, and all literature relating to the campaign is being made ‘universal’ to ensure it can be used in any locality. SP will provide MS with a link to the main Celebrate Safely website. The next meeting for the campaign takes place on Wednesday, 12 July at 2:30pm, taking place at Leicester Central Fire Station; MC and MS intend to attend this meeting to discuss budget costs and which funding pot the expenditure will come from.


SP also spoke to the Partnership about an eLearning package being developed, for Countywide rollout, regarding Hate Crime. This eLearning package is aimed at all staff, with a pilot taking place in October. The Hate Crime Action Plan has also been revised.


Hate Crime figures are now being produced as part of the dashboard; SP asked if these figures would be useful to have at future CSP meetings. As the figures are available online it’s possible to see where the Hate Crime hotspots are at any time, with information collated from Sentinel and Niche. Karen Earp is the analyst for the data. SP will send a link to the online data to MF.


The Partnership also heard that the Big Lunch event in Wigston, on Sunday, 18 June, is being supported by IMPACT Team.




Sujata Mahay will be attending the CSP on behalf of Women’s Aid (WALL) in the future.


PR gave the Partnership an update on WALL’s case work between 01/03/17 and 09/06/17. This included work with;


§  12 children,

§  8 families,

§  31 additional clients receiving advice on special housing,

§  22 high risk cases,

§  14 UAVA outreach cases, and

§  13 ISVA sexual violence cases.


An additional detailed report was also circulated around partners.


The KIDVA service offers children help at the point of crisis, short term specialist intervention and advocacy, ensures child victims of high risk domestic abuse remain visible throughout the crisis, and during the MARAC process.


VQ enquired as to whether men can be referred through the UAVA service. PR agreed to check and provide an answer at the next meeting.


SLF Update


RL gave an update report which was an overview of the current delivery provided by SLF. MS will circulate this around partners, and feedback on it is invited for the next meeting.


KL asked if the schools were aware of SLF, and where are the links? In light of this questions KL will be inviting SLF to attend a future Governors meeting at Wigston College.


RL also spoke about conferring with the Police and working together, referrals and JAG. She will also be attending a mental health meeting on 13/06/17.


KL asked for a report on any funding needed for the next meeting for additional one to one support.


Police Update


MC discussed the Performance Data for the current period. This showed;


§  Current areas of concern are shown to be Safeguarding, Domestic Violence, Knife Crime, and Violent Crime,

§  ASB is under reported,

§  Delivery by the Police on Knife Crime around the schools is required.

MF suggested looking at dashboards during the meeting as they have more relevant information.


CCTV / City Watch


MC stated that this is an ongoing issue with regards to retail crime, and that the whole package needs arranging including CCTV cameras and retail radio.


We currently have 5 dome cameras, these need to be replaced with 4G linked dome cameras, we need dummy cameras that can be moved about.


MC is currently seeking quotes and will report back to the CSP with funding costs.


Any Other Business


MS raised that when asking the Council’s Comms Team about creating a high quality version of the CSP’s logo, it was suggested that now might be a good time to refresh the current logo with a new design. MS asked if the CSP would be interested in exploring this. KL is happy for this to go ahead, and has suggested that South Wigston is explicitly named in any new logo. MS will take this back to the Comms Team for follow up.


Due to several CSP meeting dates for the remainder of the year clashing with the Borough’s JAG meeting it has been necessary to rearrange them. The revised dates for CSP meetings are as follows;


§  31 July 2017

§  16 October 2017

§  11 December 2017

§  12 February 2018

§  16 April 2018

MS will advise of any changed meeting venues during July’s meeting.