Agenda and minutes

Health and Wellbeing Board
Tuesday, 5th April, 2016 1.30 pm

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Welcome by Chairman Jeffrey Kaufman


A warm welcome and introduction was given by the Chair.


Presentation by Jon Wells, Blaby District Council on his Council's Approach to Health and Wellbeing


·         An informative presentation from JW outlining the priorities of BDC

·         Methodological approach in finalising BDC priorities

·         Leaflets and information available for circulation

·         Input from professionals for their respective area of specialisation.

·         Presentation to be emailed to all partners


Draft Terms of Reference and Remit of the Group DOCX 22 KB


Terms of reference and remit of the group had not been updated for some time and a revised version was circulated prior to the meeting to give partners the opportunity to comment.


·         Accountability: the Chair of the Board will be appointed at each AGM of OWBC annually.

·         A number of minor changes were agreed which will be incorporated into the new terms of reference.


Workshops to Gain an Update on HWBB 2015/16 Priorities (Achievements & Outcomes) and to Determine the Priorities for 2016/17


Members were split into two groups to consider: 


·         What positive outcomes have occurred in the last 12 months including the challenges faced and what are the challenges going forward.

·         Each group were given two priorities that evolved from the priorities set by the HWBB for 2015/16. These were Substance Misuse, Diabetes, Dementia, and Healthy Weight.

·         Positive feedback was received regarding progress on Diabetes, Dementia & Healthy Weight. 




Dementia Conservation work taster days for isolated older adults to improve physical activity, Walking for Health Group, Senior Citizens Forums covering Dementia, Young at Heart day, difficulty engaging with Alzheimer’s Society, diagnosis- identifying people with dementia, lack of time for GPs, lack of Resources.


·         Need to compile general register of external bodies and what they can/will provide

·         Bid has been submitted to train 70 volunteer walk leaders and it is planned to deliver one walk per week.

·         Substance Misuse-difficulty in engaging with hard to reach groups and keeping activities going through the winter months. ASB is a Priority for the Community Safety Partnership; however need to provide adult learning and education. Diversionary activities will help to prevent young people getting into Substance Misuse, Adults with alcohol and drug dependency will need a different approach, need to involve Swanswell/Probation service.

·         Healthy weight- A number of leisure and education courses have taken place during the year, lack of funding, difficulties with engaging with target group, large target area- many participants have multiple issues, lack of funding and resources, turning ideas into reality.

·         Diabetes- Two new diabetes programmes delivered by SLM.

·         LEAP & FLiC – Weight management courses.

·         Ex Referral delivered by SLM.

·         Healthy cooking project with BME community and exercise classes.

·         Sizzler event.

·         High number of people with type 2 diabetes and number at risk, difficulty with engagement, what is the referral pathway & engagement with GPs.


Identify Priorities for 2016/17


The priorities suggested by the working groups were as follows:


·         Dementia/Mental Health

·         Diabetes/Healthy Weight

·         Substance/Alcohol Misuse

·         Information and sharing.

·         Physically activity

·         Older people, social isolation and early intervention.

·         AL ,JK and SG  to finalise the priorities for 2016/17


Identify any Gaps in Provision which the Health and Wellbeing Board Could Tackle


It was agreed that Mental Health is a key priority and that more information is needed around substance/alcohol misuse.


Any Other Business DOCX 14 KB



It would be helpful if attendees could provide an update on how their organisations have addressed the HWBB 2015/16 Priorities in relation to the topics listed above and to give some advance thought as to the new/key priorities going forward.


It was agreed that OWBC Health & Wellbeing Board to have three operational meetings each year with the fourth one being the annual summit to review outcomes. The  dates are as follows:


·         Tuesday 12th July 2016

·         Tuesday 11th October 2016

·         Tuesday 10th January 2017

·         Tuesday 4th April 2017 Annual Summit.


Each meeting will focus on a particular topic and professionals from the relevant topic being discussed will be invited.